Pupil Premium

Rationale & Objectives

 Following successful progress and outcomes for our children in receipt of Pupil Premium funding in 2017/18, the school will continue to plan carefully in order to help children in receipt of Pupil Premium funding to try to overcome their particular barriers to learning. Amongst many Pupil Premium children nationally, barriers to learning include challenging home life, poor literacy levels, low aspirations, low expectations and narrow experience of life outside school.

Pupil Premium money at Stanford Junior & Infant School will be spent to improve:

  • academic achievement, including for children with DSEN
  • pastoral support
  • participation in cultural and sporting activities

Focusing on these areas is designed to:

  • help children look forward to their time in school with enthusiasm
  • raise the attainment of Pupil Premium children
  • close the gap between Pupil Premium children and others in the school
  • close the gap between the school’s Pupil Premium children and all pupils nationally
  • accelerate progress by all Pupil Premium children
  • improve behaviour in certain children
  • increase the range of opportunities and experiences for Pupil Premium children  

Implementation of this will be done by:

  • providing high quality teaching and learning experiences for all children to overcome educational disadvantage and deprivation
  • targeted academic and pastoral intervention and support
  • providing an exciting curriculum with a wide range of engaging, quality learning and nurturing activities to broaden their knowledge and familiarity of the world around them
  • providing a wide range of free / subsidized extra-curricular activities to broaden children’s learning experiences and to foster and develop each child’s interests and talents


Pupil Premium has enabled 8 pupils to receive pastoral counselling from Fluent coaching for their SEMH needs

Pupil Premium continues to support in the delivery of small group interventions, particularly in English and Maths. These interventions are having meaningful impact.

To help ensure that children look forward to their time in school with enthusiasm and broaden their experiences of the world, Pupil premium supports educational visits for PP pupils

Pupil Premium has provide specific, focused, scaffolded support and challenge for identified pupils, including those with SEN, to deepen and extend learning and critical thinking through targeted provision and intervention

Quality pastoral provision is available for pupils to help support them in raising their self- confidence and self-esteem with the view to impact on progress and attainment

Pupil Premium funding has help fund additional curriculum opportunities for our disadvantaged pupils- After school clubs, Breakfast club etc

HAF Project Summer 2022

During the Summer, Stanford School offered a week long holiday club (HAF) to engage pupils through a variety of activities. Throughout the week pupils took part in a wide range of learning opportunities including Steel pan Drums, Dancing, Soap Making, Sports activities, Cooking and we even had Nunny's Farm come and visit with their animals! A fantastic time was had by all pupils who thoroughly enjoyed the different learning opportunities!