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Community and Enterprise

Music Therapy

Music Therapy sessions started today with Freestyle Academy, the children really enjoyed the session and can't wait for the next one. The drums seemed a big hit, we may have some budding musicians amongst us!

Class Visit from ‘The Ark – Animal Rescue & Retirement Home’

One of our Venturist groups based their project on animal welfare so the Venturist organisers arranged a visit from ‘The Ark’. It was really interesting learning about the different animals that they currently have in their care and the wonderful work that they do.

Year 5 and 6 Christmas Carol Service 🌲

A magical evening for our Carol service with our year 5 and 6 pupils! Wonderful singing and performances celebrating Christmas and Peace. Thank you to all for joining us in our Carol singing- we wish you a very Merry Christmas!


A parents guide to the new National Curriculum (not Foundation/Seedlngs class). More information can be found on the Rising Stars website

Christianity: The Start of Advent

We had an exciting assembly led by our special visitor Mrs. Cockerill. She told the children all about Advent being the time leading up to Christmas Day. The word Advent means ‘coming’ and the children learnt that it is a time of preparation for Christians to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Mrs. Cockerill made the assembly very interesting and enjoyable with her props, dressing up and whole school singing.

Pennells Garden Centre

A huge thank you to Pennells Garden Centre for donating some wonderful plants for the Christmas Fayre


Thank you to the Governor and volunteer who helped improve our polytunnel at school.

They have helped plant winter veg - the pupils are excited about watching the cauliflowers, cabbage and cos lettuce grow and using the produce in their cooking!

Preparation for our Christmas Fayre – Plant stall

A group of our Learners made planters in preparation for our Christmas Fayre.  The plants were kindly donated by Pennells Garden Centre. 

Caistor Lions Victorian Craft Market

Year 2 and 3 children enjoyed performing together on the stage at Caistor Town Hall on Sunday 20th November. They performed a wide repertoire of Christmas songs for their parents, family members, friends and community members. It was lovely to see their excited faces and hear their beautiful singing. They certainly brought lots of Christmas cheer to all! Well done to everyone who took part.

A- I enjoyed singing on a big stage. It was exciting when the curtains opened.

V- We had lots of fun and even played some jingle bells.

E- My mum said she’d really enjoyed it and she said well done to everyone.

H- I liked all the catchy tunes, like Jingle Bell Rock. S- We all looked nice in our Christmas clothes.

J- The audience all clapped and cheered. I think they loved it.

S- I think the people were surprised when we finished with a sign language song.

G- I would like to go back and sing again next year!

Year 3 & 4 local fieldtrip

Following on from Remembrance day we decided to go and look at the cenotaph and reflect on the people of Laceby who died in the line of duty.

First we looked at Laceby using ordnance survey and aerial maps then the children plotted the best route to get there.

To ensure road safety we word hi-viz jackets and ensured that we walked safely and carefully through the village.

When we arrived at the cenotaph the children were interested to read the names of the people who had died for their country. We had a minutes silence & reflection then the Year 3 children laid a wreath they had made and the Year 4 children recited poems they had written.

ROAR 8billion Idea winners 🥇

1st place- 2022 Stanford Girls- School Helpout Vending machine for pupils and stationary

2nd place: CFL- An alphabet board to support pupils in their learning

3rd place: Bee Hives- Creating Hives for the homes

Our winners will now be entered into the grand final on National Award Day on 7th December via Teams!

Year 6 ROAR 8billion idea Presentations

Wow! Our amazing Year 6 pupils have been entrepreneurs during this project, creating an innovative idea that could be life changing in the world!

Over the past 8 weeks, pupils have worked as a team to create an idea, design a logo and jingle and then create a prototype of their product! The final part was creating a presentation of their idea and presenting it to our judging panel!

Our judging panel were amazed by their ideas, presentation skills and teamwork ‘so much thought and effort has been put into their ideas’ ‘ it was so hard to select a winner!’

Well done Year 6, Mrs Smith and Miss Chilvers are so proud! One winner has been selected and will be entered into the grand final!! See the next post of our top 3 winners ⭐️

Road Safety Week

Foundation and KS1

KS1 and Foundation children enjoyed a very informative assembly all about road safety led by Humberside Fire and Rescue Service.

L- We need to stop, look and listen.
P- Grown ups should not walk and text or look at their phones.
J- If you have ear phones you won't hear the cars.
E- Listen to your adult and hold their hand.
H- I think it's safer to use a crossing when you cross the road.
N- Pedestrian’s need to wear something bright at night.
A- I always wear a helmet when I am on my bike.
S- The lady dropped an egg with a helmet on and it didn’t crack. The helmet protected it. 
O- You should always wear a seatbelt in a car, like the smart family. Seatbelts keep you safe.


Humberside Fire and Rescue Service came into school to talk to the children about how to be safe on the roads, especially through using seat belts in cars and wearing helmets when riding our bikes. Something as simple as this can save lives and it's so easy to do.

Knife Crime

On Monday, in Year 6, PSCO Rob Dove came to talk to us about knife crime. We learnt dangers and consequences of carrying sharp objects, what to do if we feel we are in danger, and ways to stay safe when we are out without an adult. A very important and interesting session. Thank you!

Shoebox Appeal

A huge thank you to our Year 6 pupils for organising the Shoebox appeal and a huge thank you to our parents/ carers and community members for supporting this worthwhile cause! We had 17 boxes made up to send- amazing!!

A big thank you to everyone who donated towards our MacMillian coffee morning!

Roar Project Year 6 - Prototype

Year 6 pupils completed the next part of their 8 billion idea project by creating a prototype of their idea/ design, using recycled materials and resources. Our next step is to create an advert and presentation ready to showcase to the judging panel! We will keep you posted of their progress!

Thumbs Up to Healthy Eating

Pumpkin Class enjoyed a special visit today from a Chartwell’s chef.
He told them all about healthy eating and demonstrated how to make a healthy breakfast bar with honey, oats and fruit. They really enjoyed tasting the bars.

R- I liked the honey taste , it was so sweet.
T- I know how to make a cereal bar now, so I think I will make some at home.
H- When I make a cereal bar, I will add chopped up apples, grapes and oats.


Mrs. Kennedy and Mrs. Hull from Laceby Royal British Legion led a very informative assembly to launch this year’s Poppy Appeal.

“We found out why it is important to remember.”
“Soldiers gave their lives in wars for us, this is how we can remember them and say thank you.”
“In Flanders Fields, the poppies began to grow after WW:, this is why it is the symbol for Remembrance.”
“The money we spend on poppies, slap bands and key rings all goes to help ex-servicemen and woman.”

Foundation Stage Reading Breakfast

Thank you very much for such great support with our reading breakfast in Foundation Stage. Sharing a love of reading with the children is very powerful and it was a pleasure to have so many of you be able to join us this week.

Thank You!

A huge thank you to a wonderful (now)Year 7 pupil and their family who gifted the staff with a voucher for The Laceby Teapot at the end of summer. All the staff enjoyed a wonderful lunch to celebrate the end of term! Thank you-‘it was delicious!

Shoebox Appeal

This week we were visited by a lady who told us about the shoebox appeal. This is a group who take shoeboxes filled with small gifts to children in different parts of the world so they have something wonderful to open on Christmas day. Leaflets have been sent home and it would be wonderful if we could send some boxes to less fortunate children and make their Christmas special

Halloween Disco

Cornflower, Daisy and Marigold classes

Cornflower, Daisy and Marigold classes had lots of fun at their Halloween Disco! We had lots of lovely sweet treats and enjoyed some games and dancing. I'm sure you'll agree that our costumes were positively terrifying! Thank you for your support with this fundraising event.

Spooky Fun

Pumpkin Class really enjoyed their Halloween disco.

S- We won prizes for scary dancing.

H- I loved my glow stick, I put it on like a bracelet.

N- I pretended my glow stick was a magic wand.

J- The crisps, popcorn and sweets were very yummy.

J- I had lots and lots of fun!

Youth Social Action project, The Venturists.

As a part of this project the children were invited to Centre4 to learn about community businesses, see them in action and find out what a difference these businesses can make to our community. There are some fantastic local businesses out there which enrich the lives of so many. We can’t wait to see what project our children develop!

Youth Social Action project, The Venturists.

The Venturists is a unique programme designed to give young people ownership of their own viable social action projects that make positive changes in their local area. The project engages with the local community and the young people develop leadership skills and feel empowered to make a difference in their local community.

A wonderful start to a fantastic project!

Year 3 Macmillan Coffee Morning Songs

The children really enjoyed performing to all the parents who managed to attend this event and we would like to thank you for your support. We have recorded the songs for those who could not attend. We hope you enjoy out songs about Mummification.

Year 6 Roar Project! - Ideas

Year 6 completed the second phase of their 8 billion ideas project…. Ideas, ideas, ideas!

As a team they discussed different ideas that link with their problem and agreed on a final product that they will move forward to the design stage!

A Big Thank You!

Pumpkin Class would like to say a big thank you to all their parents and friends who attended the Macmillan Coffee morning event and also for all the lovely Harvest donations sent in this week too. Thank you very much for helping Harbour Place and Macmillan.

Year 3 Harvest Live – Scientists at work

Today we joined a live link to see how scientists are working to improve harvests. They are looking at the soil used to see if carrots can be grown carbon free to improve global warning. They are also growing flowers amongst the crops so the insects attracted to the flowers can feed on more harmful creatures who could ruin the crops thus avoiding using chemicals. The children were amazed as they didn't realise how technical farming can be.

Pupil Voice

- I didn't know that carrots could be different colours

- I didn't know that nematodes existed and lived in the soil

- I found out that some parasitic wasps lay their eggs in caterpillars

-I was surprised that they use boxes to track the sound that insects make to identify them

-I didn't realise that plants can affect global warming

HAF Project Summer 2022

During the Summer, Stanford School offered a week long holiday club (HAF) to engage pupils through a variety of activities. Throughout the week pupils took part in a wide range of learning opportunities including Steel pan Drums, Dancing, Soap Making, Sports activities, Cooking and we even had Nunny's Farm come and visit with their animals! A fantastic time was had by all pupils who thoroughly enjoyed the different learning opportunities!

Year 3 & 4 Reading Breakfast

Willow & Poppy Class enjoyed having the opportunity to have a family member come into school, share a book with them and have a healthy breakfast snack. It was lovely seeing families come together to share a love of reading, meet the class teachers and have a look at our fantastic learning environments.

Paying our Respects

Mrs Hackfath, Mrs Smith and our Head Pupils visited St Margaret’s Church this morning to pay their respect to Queen Elizabeth II. Head pupils laid flowers as well as all signing the book of condolence for Her Majesty. A very special morning.

👑 Thank you for 70 years of loyal service 👑

A Super Reading Breakfast

Pumpkin Class enjoyed sharing books and delicious food with their family, friends and community members. It was great to see everyone enjoying reading together!

J- Me and N liked looking at a space book together.

H- I enjoyed reading with Mrs. Wink.

E- My Dad taught me a new word 'nocturnal', it means when things come out at night.

R- I learnt something new about pandas, that baby pandas can't see.

R- Me and J ate lots of food! We enjoyed it! J- I read with Mrs. Lawson, it was a book about a king.

A- Thank you Mrs. Brady for organising a lovely morning.

S- Thank you to all the parents and helpers.

H- The breakfast food was delicious!

T- Thank you A's parents for reading with me.

M- I would love to have another reading breakfast!

Mrs. Wink- The morning was superb. Happy children engaging with their parents and grandparents and showing such a delight in their reading.

A Big Thank You

There was a special assembly in school to say thank you and goodbye to Mrs. Cockerill and Ms. Maskell.
They did a wonderful job running the Seekers. The children learnt about Christianity in lots of creative ways, including acting, dancing and decorative art work. Mrs. Cockerill and Ms. Maskell will be sadly missed. We thanked them for all their hard work with a lovely Friendship song led by Year 2 and some beautiful gifts.

Mrs. Cockerill- It has been an absolute pleasure to have been involved in this school. I have loved doing Seekers and I will miss you all.
Ms. Maskell- I have enjoyed working with the children and helping them to explore Christianity. Thanks so much to everyone who was involved in such a lovely assembly.

Parent Workshop

Zowie at Compass Go! came to deliver a workshop to parents on anxiety on Friday morning. It was a fantastic workshop all about understanding anxiety and explaining different strategies that could be used to help support your child when they are feeling anxious. Thank you Zowie for delivering this workshop and a huge thank you to parent/ carers who attended. We look forward to more workshops with Compass Go in the Autumn term.

“I found the workshop very insightful!”

“The session was really informative and offered some useful and practical interventions that I can use with my child.”

“ Excellent, Thank you! Really helpful to see diagrams which help explain anxiety and the thought- feelings- behaviour cycle.”

Laceby Solar Farm Community Fund

We are so pleased to have been submitted a successful bid for £20,000 to Laceby Solar Farm Community Fund towards a wonderful new resource at school.

Pupils, staff, Governors and friends of the school are delighted to share with you the good news about a new Muga!! (Multi- use Games Area)

This resource will be used for PE activities, to help the pupils develop their skills and knowledge, understand the importance of healthy lifestyle, for enrichment clubs, intervention and to have fun!

Thank you to Mrs Brady for her support with the bid and to Mrs Griffith, in her School Governor role, for fact finding about the resource. Mrs Smith, Deputy, also leads on PE in school.

We have enjoyed lots of recent successes, such as winning the local Swimming Gala, winning the Gradley Cup, winning Respect Awards in football tournaments and having lots of fun at The Brownlee triathlon, successful sports day and a brilliant range of after school clubs.

Mrs Smith is looking forward to seeing the Muga being used and said, 'It will be great to be able to use the Muga all year round and see the pupils take part in a wide range of sports on the Muga due to its versatility, and seeing the pupils having fun whilst learning new skills!’

Barley Class Learning Share

This week Barley Class had their final Learning Share at Stanford School! It was wonderful to see so many parents and family members join us to learn more about the activities and challenges that Y6 children have been working on this year. 

The children decided which elements of the curriculum they wanted to share and set up different tables to display their work and set some challenges for the adults to take part in.

As you may be able to see in the photographs, it was a fabulous morning and the children felt very proud to showcase their work.

Thank you to all of the adults that came to support our Learning Share and a special mention to the mother and daughter TT Rockstars champions with super times of 1 min 14 seconds for the Y6 pupil and 1 min 23 seconds for her mum - well done!

It was lovely to read some of the community feedback from the adults that attended the Learning Share, thank you for your support.

'Absolutely fantastic event. Well organised and lovely to see all the pupils so well engaged in a relaxed but stimulating environment. Perfect end to their Stanford journey.'

'An enjoyable experience. Was great to be able to see some of the work the class have been doing. Nice for the children to share their learning and be proud of what they have achieved. Lovely to be back in school again, especially as their journey comes to an end.'

Allison Homes

We are thrilled to have received the donation from Allison Homes. The children can’t wait to start planting the seeds that they’ve received, and we’re looking forward to purchasing new equipment and resources to encourage our pupils to get further involved with gardening.

Parent Workshop delivered by Imran from The Muslim Learner Centre

A fantastic workshop for Parents and Carers on Islam. Thank you for the wonderful feedback:

“Really helpful and welcoming”

“Fantastic to learn about Islam, really enjoyed being able to ask questions and find out more about this amazing religion. Would love to learn more.”

“Very interesting and so informative. I really appreciate the time this took, so informative- would come again!”

“Very insightful and lovely session to meet other parents who are interested in exploring Islam. The discussion time/Q and A time is great to open up discussion on topics amongst parents.”

“It is definitely worth learning about other religions. Imran you are an asset to us and the kids at this school.”

Juniper Class Learning share

Juniper class shared their learning to parents/ carers and community members on Wednesday morning. It was great to see visitors back in school and the pupils thoroughly enjoyed showcasing their learning- from Djembe performances to 3D modelling, Viking art to French!

Parent 1: It was lovely to be back seeing all the wonderful work the pupils have been doing. Really enjoyed the event- thank you!

Parent 2: Loved the learning share and all the activities showcasing their learning!

Parent 3: A lovely morning, really nice to see what the children have been doing- thank you!

Year 3 - Reading Breakfast

It's always good to share a book! It’s been such a long time since we have been able to have parents in the school, so we were really excited to invite parents in for a reading breakfast. We were overwhelmed by how many parents were able to make it to this event. It was a great opportunity for parents to look around the classroom and our learning environment, have a chat with the staff and most importantly share a book with the children. Thank you so much for all those who were able to attend and we can't wait until the next event that we can share with you!

Year 2 Visit to St. Margaret's Church

As part of their RE work, Pumpkin Class visited the church. They learnt all about the Easter story with Rev. Mark and enjoyed exploring the church and asking lots of questions.

Mrs. Brady would like to thank Rev. Mark and all the community members for their warm welcome and help with the visit.

M- Rev. Mark talked about Easter and did some magic tricks.

E- I felt excited because I had never been in the church before.

R- We gave Easter cards and a pot of daffodils to the church.

H- We thought of the people in Ukraine and prayed for them. We put Ukraine flags on a cross.

E- We sat on the pews.

J- Rev. Mark had a bowl made of melted toy soldiers which he put Ukraine flags in. He talked about wanting peace in the world, not war.

E- We had biscuits and juice.

O- Mr. Swallow showed us a kneeler with the Stanford badge and a cross on it.

K- Mrs. Brady played the organ and we all sang Easter songs. A- The altar is a special table and it had flowers and candles on it.

A- I saw lots of crosses all over the church. Jesus died on a cross.

W- Jesus was on a stained glass window and there were pictures of people praying. I liked it, it was colourful.

F- I saw the font where the babies get christened.

P- There were lots of Bibles.

C- I stood at the lectern.

E- I saw the pulpit.

H- I enjoyed my trip there, it was so interesting!

Year 2 Reading Breakfast

Pumpkin Class held a reading breakfast in their classroom and invited their parents and community members. It was lovely to welcome grown ups back into school and the children really enjoyed reading lots of books, eating delicious food and showing off their wonderful learning environment.

A- I liked showing my friend's mum pictures of animals in my animal fact book.

E- It was really good. I ate a croissant, strawberries, grapes and a banana.

O- I loved to see everyone doing some nice reading together.

H- My little brother and sister came and they joined in and ate some food.

L- I hope we can do it again.

Thank you Mrs. Brady for organising the reading breakfast- we loved it!

Parent: After such a long time not being able to watch our children perform in school plays or go into school to meet with the teacher and see our children’s work and progress on parent’s evening- it was a breath of fair being able to come back into the school and listen to the children read and to see all the happy faces. It was heart warming. I had a lovely half an hour with my child and the delicious food. Also seeing all their hard work they have done on the walls was amazing. Well done! Thank you for having us.

Parents: Thank you very much for inviting parents to visit your lovely classroom today.  It was fantastic to see all of your wonderful writing and pictures decorating the walls. It looks like you are all learning lots and you should be very proud of your work.
Thank you also for the tasty breakfast snacks. We really enjoyed our visit and hope it isn't too long before we are able to come again. Keep up the great work everybody!

Ukraine Collection

Miss Purshouse would just like to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who donated to our collection for Ukraine today. We will be dropping our donations off tomorrow afternoon. Thank you again for everyone's support!

Travel Plan Team

Our Travel Plan team met with The Highways and transport team at EQUANS and the council to discuss their plan and the actions needed to improve safety concerns. They walked around the village discussing key hot spots and danger zones. They want to do something positive to make things better for future pupils and the whole village! Keep up the great work!

🌼 Spring has sprung at Stanford! 🌼

The bulbs that were planted by Laceby in Bloom have started to bloom!!

Helping Ukraine

Pumpkin Class have kindly come together to help the people of Ukraine by donating gifts of food and toiletries.

E- I brought some tins of beans and soup to help people.
K- We are wearing yellow and blue because they are the colours on the Ukrainian flag.
H- I brought Calpol to help any poorly children.
W- I think war is bad. I feel sorry for the people in Ukraine.
M- Helping people is very important to me.

Civic Awards

A huge congratulations to our pupils who were nominated by Mrs Hackfath at the Civic Awards!! They had a great evening and we are all extremely proud of them! Well done! 🌟

Y3 - Thinking Day

World Thinking Day is a celebration that has taken place on every 22 February since 1926. It is a day for all Brownies, Guides and Girl Scouts to think of each other around the world. The children came in their uniforms which they were very proud of. In assembly we celebrated this day and the girls talked about all the wonderful things they do when they are at brownies. It sounds like a lot of fun!

Christmas at Cloverdale

Pumpkin and Poppy Classes visited Cloverdale Care Home and sang Christmas songs to the residents outside. Despite the cold weather, everyone enjoyed singing the songs and bringing a smile to the residents faces. The children wished everyone at Cloverdale ‘Merry Christmas’ and presented them with some lovely craft gifts.

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas...!

We would like to say a huge thank you to Nanna Barb (Mrs Marsden's Nanna) for donating a Christmas tree and decorations to Barley Class.

We had lots of fun decorating the trees and the twinkly lights have helped to create a lovely, relaxing classroom environment.

Thank you, Nanna Barb!