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The New Pumpkin Class- Welcome from Mrs. Brady

Watch this video to find out all about your new classroom and some of the exciting things you will be learning in September.

24 Janaury
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Creating Penguin Art

Pumpkin Class enjoyed creating pictures of different kinds of penguins on their laptops, using the 2paint program on Purple Mash.

A- I love drawing pictures and trying out the different colours and different sized pens.
G- I looked at pictures of real penguins first, so I could get the shape and colours right.
J- I like drawing pictures on Purple Mash because I can save them and work on them later.  
Sometimes I do some more drawing at home.
L- I like penguins. I like to draw them.

16 Janaury
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Penguin Vocabulary

Can we find out how penguins move?

Pumpkin Class enjoyed watching videos of penguins and they used lots of descriptive words to describe how the penguins were moving. They explored moving like penguins themselves and then listed all the wonderful words they had collected together to describe penguin movements. H- I got on to the Extra Challenge and used suffixes to change words. I added ‘ing’ and ‘ed’ to the end of root words. If you add ‘ed’ it changes the words into the past tense. J- I liked sliding on my tummy and pretending I was an Emperor penguin on the ice. E- We loved making a huddle in the playground. R- I really like the word ‘trundle’ it makes me think of the penguins shuffling along together.

9 Janaury
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Penguin Hook Day

The children had an exciting time dressing up, learning all about penguins and engaging in lots of stimulating activities.

H- When we visited London Zoo online, I quickly realised that they have African penguins there.
V- We all made bookmarks, these will be very useful when we want to read chapter books and longer stories.
R- We labelled the parts of a penguin’s body.
L- I measured some penguins with a ruler in Maths.
S- It was a challenge, but I managed to follow instructions, cut out shapes and make a paper 2D penguin by myself.
J- It took a long time, but I managed to make a 3D model of a penguin.

A- I brought a penguin story book to school and we enjoyed listening to it.

J- I’ve been enjoying reading lots of books about penguins, some are stories and some are information books.
F- It was a lot of fun learning a penguin song and dance.
N- We made penguins with black playdough, I enjoyed that.

5 Janaury
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Compass Go Assembly

Zowie our link worker at Compass Go came to talk to us about the importance of sleep.

A- I have a bed time routine, I always get a good night’s sleep.
S- I read at night, as part of my routine.
E- You should turn your ipad off one hour before bed, as this will help you sleep.
M- We learnt how to do spaghetti body actions to help us sleep.
A- Turning the big light off will help me get to sleep.
T- If we don’t get enough sleep it might make us sad and grumpy and it will be hard for us to concentrate.

Friday 16th December
Posted by:
Mrs Smith

End of term celebrations!

We had great fun celebrating the end of term today! Our pupils have had a fantastic week celebrating with parties, panto, baking chocolate reindeers and now ending with singing and dancing!

Friday 16th December
Posted by:
Mrs Smith


Pupils had a fantastic morning watching a live performance of Pinocchio at Parkway! Oh yes we did!!

E: It was amazing! I had so much fun!

I: I really enjoyed it! Especially Mamma Mia!

8 December
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Christmas Jumper Day 2022

Pumpkin Class have learnt that since 2012, millions of people have put on their jazziest jumpers for one day in December and donated money to the charity ‘Save the Children.’ These donations have helped to make the world a better place for children in the UK and all around the world.

P.S. The Pumpkins also wanted to show off their beautiful robin Christmas cards too! Well done everyone.

6 December
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

A Magical Christmas Performance!

Well done to everyone in Pumpkin Class for their lovely Christmas nativity play. They told the story of the nativity beautifully. Everyone sang well, danced enthusiastically and the acting and the speaking were amazing too. Many thanks to all the parents and carers for organising such wonderful costumes.

30 November
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Pumpkin Class Love Reading!

This week the children have been exploring non-fiction books, not only the selection of books in the classroom, but also their own books from home.

J- I liked looking at my friend's books.

H- People have brought lots of different kinds of information books.

V- We are getting good at reading and then answering questions. I also like writing book reviews.

T- If we read all the non-fiction books we might learn lots of new things. I enjoy finding things out.

A- I've been reading about Lewis Hamilton and Formula 1.

25 November
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

RE: Inter-Faith Week

Pumpkin Class have been finding out about three different religions this week.
They visited the RE display in the school hall, listened to  a range of faith stories and watched videos about people’s way of life:  how they worship and what they believe in.

J- We have been researching Christianity, Islam and Hinduism.
A- We made word maps of all the interesting facts we found out.
L- The stories and videos were good.
S- I enjoyed finding things out.

Then the children wondered if the different faiths had any things in common.

A- They all want people to have a good life.
R- They all have special buildings where people go to worship, like a church, a Mandir or a Mosque.
M- They all have a special book, like a Bible, a Qur’an or a Vedas.
J- It was interesting how they all have special celebrations, special symbols and special people who teach them and help them to worship.

21 November
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Caistor Lions Victorian Craft Market

Year 2 and 3 children enjoyed performing together on the stage at Caistor Town Hall on Sunday 20th November. They performed a wide repertoire of Christmas songs for their parents, family members, friends and community members. It was lovely to see their excited faces and hear their beautiful singing. They certainly brought lots of Christmas cheer to all! Well done to everyone who took part.

A- I enjoyed singing on a big stage. It was exciting when the curtains opened.

V- We had lots of fun and even played some jingle bells.

E- My mum said she’d really enjoyed it and she said well done to everyone.

H- I liked all the catchy tunes, like Jingle Bell Rock. S- We all looked nice in our Christmas clothes.

J- The audience all clapped and cheered. I think they loved it.

S- I think the people were surprised when we finished with a sign language song.

G- I would like to go back and sing again next year!

16 November
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Children in Need 2022

Pumpkin Class enjoyed dressing up and taking part in this year’s SPOTacular event!

They challenged themselves to a 60 second read all about the charity and then answered quiz questions. They watched a story called ‘Pudsey’s Great Fundraiser’ and found out ways in which the charity helps children.

R- The BBC want all the children in the UK to feel safe, happy and secure.
M- Pudsey Bear and Children in Need are on TV every November on BBC 1.
H- Pudsey Bear is the mascot.
A- The money goes to help children who might be poorly, disabled or struggling because of something sad that might have happened to them.

16 November
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Road Safety Week

KS1 and Foundation children enjoyed a very informative assembly all about road safety led by Humberside Fire and Rescue Service.

L- We need to stop, look and listen.
P- Grown ups should not walk and text or look at their phones.
J- If you have ear phones you won't hear the cars.
E- Listen to your adult and hold their hand.
H- I think it's safer to use a crossing when you cross the road.
N- Pedestrian’s need to wear something bright at night.
A- I always wear a helmet when I am on my bike.
S- The lady dropped an egg with a helmet on and it didn’t crack. The helmet protected it. 
O- You should always wear a seatbelt in a car, like the smart family. Seatbelts keep you safe.

Pumpkin Class then read information leaflets about road safety, completed a quiz and shared their sentences about what they had learnt in assembly.

14 November
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Anti-Bullying Week 2022

Pumpkin Class have been learning about bullying: what it can look like, where it can happen and what they can do to if they or a friend feels worried. They discussed lots of scenarios and decided who could help.

L- We watched a video telling us to ask for help if someone is hurting us.

A - We wore odd socks to show everyone that it is OK for everyone to be different.

H- Anti-Bullying week is to remind people that we need to stop all bullying.

A - We read an anti-bullying poster and did a quiz to check we all knew about it.

F- Bullying is when someone hurts someone over and over again.
J- There are different kinds of bullying like hurting people’s bodies and hurting their feelings.
T- It’s called ‘Reach Out’. So if someone is bullying you, you should reach out and tell a trusted adult.

14 November
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

We Are Historians!
Why should we remember Walter Tull?

Pumpkin Class have been busy researching the life of a man called Walter Tull. They used a range of primary and secondary sources to find out interesting facts. This work linked very well to Black History Month and Remembrance.

E- We saw his birth certificate and also his family tree. I am interested in family trees and I made my own for home learning!
G- Walter had a sad start in life, as both his parents died before he was 9.
F- Walter ended up in a children’s home.
H- Walter didn’t give up; he became very good at playing football. He was so good that he ended up playing football for Spurs.
M- I liked looking at all the old photos of Walter. Sometimes he was dressed as a footballer and sometimes he was in his soldier’s uniform. The pictures were old and in black, brown and white.
A- When Walter was playing football people shouted nasty things at him because of the colour of his skin. I was shocked to hear about this.
R- When the First World War started Walter was very brave and he volunteered to join the army.
H- He worked hard as a soldier and he became the first black British Officer.
O- It was very sad in the end because Walter died during the Battle of the Somme in France and on Poppy Day we should think about him.
J- Walter was a hero because he didn’t give up. He overcame prejudice and racism. We will remember him.

11 November
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

We Will Remember Them

Pumpkin Class marked Remembrance Day by making a poppy wreath, sharing their knowledge of Remembrance in assembly and completing a reading comprehension task. At 11 o'clock they were very respectful during the two minutes silence.

7 November
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Thumbs Up to Healthy Eating

Pumpkin Class enjoyed a special visit today from a Chartwell’s chef.
He told them all about healthy eating and demonstrated how to make a healthy breakfast bar with honey, oats and fruit. They really enjoyed tasting the bars.

R- I liked the honey taste , it was so sweet.
T- I know how to make a cereal bar now, so I think I will make some at home.
H- When I make a cereal bar, I will add chopped up apples, grapes and oats.

7 November
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

UK Parliament Week

Pumpkin Class were very interested in learning more about the Government and Parliament- they even watched a clip of Prime Minister’s Questions and went on a virtual tour of the House of Commons! Mrs. Brady was amazed at how much they already knew from watching the news at home.

H- Rishi Sunak is now the third Prime Minister we have seen. He lives at 10, Downing Street, which is in London.
T- The Houses of Parliament is in London, it’s the big place that has Big Ben. People go there to decide important rules.
O- People vote for the MPs they want, so that they can go to meetings and ask important questions for everyone. Mrs. Brady told us that this is called Democracy.
V- The two parties that ask each other questions are called The Conservative Party and The Labour Party.
T- The leader of The Labour Party is called Keir Starmer. The parties sit opposite each other.
A- Mr. Speaker sits in a chair at the end. He makes sure that people take it in turns to speak.

1 November
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

SPAG: What Do Sentences Need?

Pumpkin Class have been focussing on punctuating their sentences correctly, making sure they begin with a capital letter and end with a full stop. They can identify the subject of a sentence, verbs and nouns.

E- The songs we sing help us to remember what our sentences need.
O- I sing the verb song and the noun song- I like them a lot.
I- I looked at Ferdy Frog’s sentences, he hadn’t used any capital letters or full stops, so I had to write them.
S- We used different coloured cubes to show which words were verbs and which words were nouns.

21 October
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Geography Field Trip

Despite it being a very rainy day, Pumpkin Class enjoyed their visit to Tattershall Castle and climbed right to the top! Not only did they learn about the history and uses of the different areas of the castle, they also identified important land features.

S- There was a forest near the castle, that’s where the people would get the wood for their fires.

M- The moat around the castle, kept the people safe inside because it would make it harder to get across.

I-The lake nearby would have given people water to drink and fish to eat.

A-The people could hunt for animals to eat in the forest.

T- The forest would have grown fruit and berries to eat. Sustainability

E- It’s important to look after castles, so they don’t fall down and injure people.

H- I think we should look after our castles and old buildings, so people can visit them, learn about history and enjoy finding things out.

R- It’s so good that people looked after Tattershall Castle, so we can enjoy it. I hope it is still there in hundreds of years!

19 October
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Spooky Fun

Pumpkin Class really enjoyed their Halloween disco.

S- We won prizes for scary dancing.

H- I loved my glow stick, I put it on like a bracelet.

N- I pretended my glow stick was a magic wand.

J- The crisps, popcorn and sweets were very yummy.

J- I had lots and lots of fun!

19 October
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Black History Month

The children in Pumpkin Class have been finding out all about the life of American artist Alma Thomas. They discovered that during her life she had been treated very unfairly because of the colour of her skin. The children enjoyed exploring her art work and found her colourful pictures inspiring and so they decided to create some of their own.

12 October
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Respecting Each Other

Year 2 enjoyed a special assembly led by Sunita. She told them all about her religion: Hinduism. She told them the story of Rama and Sita and demonstrated how she prays and celebrates the festival of Diwali. After the assembly the children thought that it had been unkind of some children who laughed when Sunita showed pictures of her gods. This led to an important discussion about why it is important to show respect to others.

Mrs. Brady showed the class The Equality Act 2020 poster ‘Protected Characteristics.’ The children picked out some of the symbols they recognised e.g. religious symbols, people of different ages, male and female symbols, people with disabilities and different kinds of families. They made posters to show that all people need to be treated fairly.

M- Sunita has a religion called Hinduism.

A-She prays in a temple called a Mandir.

E- If she wants to pray somewhere else she can set up a little table called a shrine with all her candles and little statues of gods.

R- I learnt that people are different and it doesn’t matter if people pray to different gods.

S- People have the right to dress differently and wear things that they like.

V- She taught us that we need to show respect for each other.

10 October
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Reading is Fun!

Pumpkin Class have been enjoying reading a wide range of books with their reading partners. They also like recommending books to their friends and writing book reviews.

S- I love reading Mr. Men books because they remind me of our reading breakfast and that was a really happy time.

R- It’s good fun reading with a partner. I like to take turns and then ask my partner lots of questions about the story.

E- I enjoy writing book reviews and drawing pictures of the bit I liked best.

L- I like to read the information books. I’ve been reading about the seasons this week with my partner.

3 October
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Computing: Using a Timer

Pumpkin Class have been learning about algorithms in their computing lessons. In this lesson they were creating a program on Purple Mash and using a timer-after command.

E- I like this program, it’s called The Magician.

R- I could make the rabbit disappear and then appear again.

H- You have to get your instruction in the right order or it doesn’t work.

J- I set different timers so that the magician could move sideways and then the rabbit could change into a frog after 10 seconds.

30 September
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

A Big Thank You!

Pumpkin Class would like to say a big thank you to all their parents and friends who attended the Macmillan Coffee morning event and also for all the lovely Harvest donations sent in this week too. Thank you very much for helping Harbour Place and Macmillan.

16 September
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Viking Visit

As part of The Grim Falfest we had an exciting visit from some Vikings!

They told us the local legend of Grim and Havelok in a very interesting whole school assembly.

It was great to welcome visitors to our school and learn about historical events and legends with such a strong local significance.

R- It was good to find out how Grimsby got it’s name.

H- Grim saved Havelok when he was a baby.

T- Havelok went to work at Lincoln Castle when he was a man.

R- Havelok one day became the King of Denmark.

S- I want to see the Vikings in their boat at the weekend.

16 September
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

A Super Reading Breakfast

Pumpkin Class enjoyed sharing books and delicious food with their family, friends and community members. It was great to see everyone enjoying reading together!

J- Me and N liked looking at a space book together.

H- I enjoyed reading with Mrs. Wink.

E- My Dad taught me a new word 'nocturnal', it means when things come out at night.

R- I learnt something new about pandas, that baby pandas can't see.

R- Me and J ate lots of food! We enjoyed it! J- I read with Mrs. Lawson, it was a book about a king.

A- Thank you Mrs. Brady for organising a lovely morning.

S- Thank you to all the parents and helpers.

H- The breakfast food was delicious!

T- Thank you A's parents for reading with me.

M- I would love to have another reading breakfast!

Mrs. Wink- The morning was superb. Happy children engaging with their parents and grandparents and showing such a delight in their reading.

9 September
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Year 2 Hook Day: Castle Making

Pumpkin Class enjoyed making castles out of recycled materials. They had a busy time cutting, painting, drawing and finding the best ways to fix materials together. They also faced the challenge of how they could make their drawbridge open and close.

J- It was hard work cutting out the battlements, but I did it.

G- I made my drawbridge open and close by pulling string. I did this all by myself.

J- I think the turrets I made were too small, next time I would make them bigger.

M- I made a huge castle, it took a long time to paint it all.

J- I made sure my castle had windows and arrow slits.

S- I think everyone did a good job making their castles!