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On this page you can see updates over the term of our activities and learning.

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6 July
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Author Visit: Grandad Wheels

The author Brian Abram aka Grandad Wheels visited our school and told us all about his disability, his family and the great stories he writes.

R- People with disabilities might be in wheelchairs, but it doesn't stop them doing things like writing books and playing sport.

E- We learnt that people with disabilities are just like us. E- Grandad wheels told us how people in a wheelchair get dressed, get a shower and go to the toilet!

E- Grandad Wheels uses a banana board to help him get dressed.

H- I think he is a really good writer, as he has written lots of stories.

W- He donates money from his book to people with spine injuries.

J- He writes stories about him and his grandson- they are exciting and funny adventure stories.

F- I really enjoyed listening to his story and then we found some more on YouTube to watch.

W- Grandad Wheels was in a wheelchair because he'd banged into a tree. I love how he has changed his life and is writing books for children to read. He makes children realise what it is like to be in a wheelchair.

C- We all had to design a new wheelchair for Grandad Wheels. Mine was crazy and I drew one with a food tray, springs for bouncing and a disco umbrella!

30 June
Posted by:
Mrs Brady


This week the children have been:

  • learning about the special people in their lives and how they care for one another
  • drawing and talking about their own special people
  • explaining what makes people special to us and why they are important in our lives
  • describing the different ways our special people care for us
  • recognising how we can care for them in return

They also produced these two amazing posters!

25 June
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Our Summer Trip

Pumpkin Class enjoyed an amazing day out at Far Ings Nature Reserve.

A- It was exciting travelling on a coach.

C- I enjoyed all the activities, but I think making sculptures with clay, leaves and sticks was my favourite one.

J- We made a massive log man. I loved exploring the wild area.

M- Our guides were Emma and Louise, they told us all about different kinds of plants.

J- We did some KS2 science and learnt about the parts of a flower.

R- Pond dipping was so much fun. I had never seen a water scorpion before.

K- I liked catching the fish. Emma told me that the male fish is more colourful than the female.

E- We learnt about bees and pollen and played a beehive game.

E- I think Far Ings is a beautiful place. I want to take my family there.

A- We went into the family hide and we used binoculars to look at birds. I was very excited when I saw a cormorant and it had it's wings open.

H- I loved pond dipping and had lots of goes with the big net.

H- The Humber Bridge was massive. I liked looking at it through my binoculars.

C- I planted some wild flower seeds in a pot. I liked all of the day.

25 June
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Summer Fair

Barley and Juniper Classes organised a super activity day for all the children in the school. It was great fun!

E- I liked playing all the different games.

C- I won a teddy, I guessed her name was Rosie!

E- I loved all the stalls. I bought lots of sweets and played all the games.

D- I think the Year 5 and Year 6 children had worked very hard to organise everything.

F- I enjoyed my ice cream. Mrs. Brady had one too.

M- Thank you to Year 5 and 6. I had a great time.

25 June
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Sports Day

Pumpkin Class had a wonderful Sports Day. The sun was shining and everyone had lots of fun.

E- The space hopper race was so funny.

L- I liked winning stickers.

E- The egg and spoon race was tricky.

W- I liked all the different activities.

C- My ice pop cooled me down.

E- You had to be very fit to do all the different activities.

P- It was the best morning ever- I really enjoyed it!

15 June
Posted by:
Mrs Brady


Pumpkin Class were inspired by the British Artist Marc Quinn. Marc Quinn is a contemporary artist who was born in 1964. He creates very interesting and unusual sculptures which reflect his interest in art and science.

F- Marc Quinn made lots of hand sculptures. Mrs. Brady found out that he made lots of different hands out of bread in 1994.

C- We wanted to make hand sculptures and we decided to use clay.

H- The clay was difficult to do, so we used special clay tools.

R- I found out that Marc Quinn's sculptures show links between art and science. He was interested in making sculptures of parts of the body.

E- I squashed, rolled, cut and pressed my clay.

W- I tried to show my nails, veins and lines that I can see on my hands. I drew them with the clay tool.

10 June
Posted by:
Mrs Marsden

Pumpkin and Barley Coaching and Collaboration

This afternoon, Year 2 and Year 6 collaborated together to focus on their sketching and shading skills.

As it was such a glorious afternoon, we decided to use nature as our inspiration and worked together under the oak tree in our school field.

E - I liked when O showed me how to make the grass and tree trunk look 3D by using the side of my pencil.

B - We drew half the picture each, it was really interesting to try to make out lines match up for the leaves.

7 June
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Sports Collaboration

Year 2 children have absolutely loved all the different sports activities their friends in Year 6 have organised for them recently.

A- There have been so many different games and I have enjoyed them all.

O- I just want to say thank you to Year 6. They have made PE fun for all of us!

F- They asked me which activity I liked best, but I have liked doing them all.

J- When it's Activity Day, Year 6 will set up the games we liked the best. We have voted for our favourite ones.

27 May
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

H- Yesterday, we celebrated Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee. She has been on the throne for seventy years. I enjoyed snacks, music, mug decorating and more! My nanna, grandad, daddy and mummy came to watch the parade. I also enjoyed making a flag. In the parade we sang God Save the Queen, Celebrate and Believe. The Mayor came and we sang to him. With it being the Queen's Jubilee, we came to school in clothes from 1960s. I came as an England footballer from 1966 when England won the world cup!

C- It was a great day. Everyone had an amazing time! W- I enjoyed meeting the Mayor. I gave him a jelly to eat.

L- I loved singing to all the parents. It was such a special day.

E- I enjoyed decorating my cake and eating a lovely cream and jam scone!

25 May
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

History of Stanford School

The children in Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2 enjoyed a very interesting assembly led by one of our Stanford Trustees and School Governor, Mrs. Brumfield. She told the children all about the history of the school.

J-  Mrs. Brumfield showed up a picture of the old school and she showed us some old pennies that had been given to her, her son, her dad and her grandad when they went to Stanford School. It was very interesting to hear about what the old school was like. She told us that her grandad had to drink water out of a bucket!
J- I held a photo of Mrs. Brumfield’s grandad. I saw the old penny that he got on Founder’s Day.
E- I held a photo of Mrs. Brumfield’s dad. He went to Stanford School when he was little and he kept one of his old coins from Founder’s Day. We don’t get a penny now, we get 50p.
R- I held a picture of Mrs. Brumfield when she was little. She had long hair just like mine. Mrs. Brumfield told us that she can remember having her photo taken at school.
N- I held a photo of Mrs. Brumfield’s son. I think all her family came to our school.
C- Mrs. Brumfield showed us where the old school is and what it looks like now. It’s called Daisy cottage now. I also saw the house where Philip and Sarah Stanford lived. I walk past them on my way to school. I’m going to have a really good look at them later.

20 May
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Investigating the History of Stanford School

Year 2 have been enjoying learning all about the History of the School.

They have been the first children in the school to examine our large copies of Sarah Stanford’s will and the Stanford Trust Deed written in 1720! These were kindly donated to us by The Stanford Trust. Many thanks also to Mr. and Mrs. Griffiths for their help in organising the framing of these very important documents.

R- I think we are very lucky to have such a special school. I have loved looking at the old writing.

A- I guessed that the school would be nearly 300 years old.

J- The house where Sarah and Phillip Stanford lived is still there. I walk past it every day.

D- I found Sarah Stanford’s writing at the bottom of her will. She wrote her name with a feather.

H- W in our class gave an amazing talk about King Henry VIII. He told us lots of interesting facts.

W- I wonder if we are the only school to have a badge from Henry VIII in 1543?!

M- The first Stanford School is now a house that people live in.

J- I can’t believe that there has been a Stanford Trust looking after Sarah’s money for over 300 years. I think we will all get 50p each on Founder’s Day again.

20 May
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

SATs Celebrations

Congratulations to Pumpkin Class!

They have all worked extremely hard this week and have completed all their SATs test. Everyone tried their best.

We are all very proud of you! Well done Year 2!

25 April
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Gardening and Art Hook Day

Pumpkin Class enjoyed a lovely day on Friday learning about plants, gardening and creating art work.

J- I enjoyed planting different kinds of seeds and bulbs. I hope my sunflower seed will grow.

A- I brought some plants out of my garden and I put them in a big pot outside.

C- We planted two different kinds of onion bulbs. I hope we get some brown and some red onions to grow.

E- Everyone brought a flower out of their gardens. We painted pictures of them, it was fun.

J- Some plants had grown too big and so we had to re-pot them.

D- I enjoyed making a cardboard flower. I think they all look really good.

L- It was a great adventure exploring all the plants in the nature area.

D- I am hoping my broad bean will grow into a huge beanstalk.

A- We have learnt a lot about seeds, bulbs and plants. I think this will help me with my science work this term. We will be learning lots about plants and growing.

K- We learnt about an artist called Marc Quinn and we painted flowers like he does.

A- It was a great day and it has got me excited about learning new things.

31 March
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Easter Parade

Pumpkin Class enjoyed singing 'Easter Jubilation' and showing off their lovely Easter bonnets and singing. They waved to their parents and friends outside and then paraded all over the school!

Happy Easter everyone!

30 March
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Year 2 Visit to St. Margaret's Church

As part of their RE work, Pumpkin Class visited the church. They learnt all about the Easter story with Rev. Mark and enjoyed exploring the church and asking lots of questions.

Mrs. Brady would like to thank Rev. Mark and all the community members for their warm welcome and help with the visit.

M- Rev. Mark talked about Easter and did some magic tricks.

E- I felt excited because I had never been in the church before.

R- We gave Easter cards and a pot of daffodils to the church.

H- We thought of the people in Ukraine and prayed for them. We put Ukraine flags on a cross.

E- We sat on the pews.

J- Rev. Mark had a bowl made of melted toy soldiers which he put Ukraine flags in. He talked about wanting peace in the world, not war.

E- We had biscuits and juice.

O- Mr. Swallow showed us a kneeler with the Stanford badge and a cross on it.

K- Mrs. Brady played the organ and we all sang Easter songs. A- The altar is a special table and it had flowers and candles on it.

A- I saw lots of crosses all over the church. Jesus died on a cross.

W- Jesus was on a stained glass window and there were pictures of people praying. I liked it, it was colourful.

F- I saw the font where the babies get christened.

P- There were lots of Bibles.

C- I stood at the lectern.

E- I saw the pulpit.

H- I enjoyed my trip there, it was so interesting!

24 March
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Coleslaw Making

The children in Pumpkin Class enjoyed designing, making and eating their own coleslaw. Mrs. Christie taught them the techniques of; grating, chopping, squeezing and slicing. They experienced a wide variety of vegetables and fruit.

A- It was fun.

E- I like that my coleslaw turned pink.

J- I liked chopping and grating.

W- I liked the smells and colours of all the different coleslaw.

M- I liked squeezing the lemon.

H- I can't wait to try it.

E- I liked the look of mine and I think that it looks just like the coleslaw you can buy from a shop.

R- They were all so different and so colourful.

23 March
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Year 2 Reading Breakfast

Pumpkin Class held a reading breakfast in their classroom and invited their parents and community members. It was lovely to welcome grown ups back into school and the children really enjoyed reading lots of books, eating delicious food and showing off their wonderful learning environment.

A- I liked showing my friend's mum pictures of animals in my animal fact book.

E- It was really good. I ate a croissant, strawberries, grapes and a banana.

O- I loved to see everyone doing some nice reading together.

H- My little brother and sister came and they joined in and ate some food.

L- I hope we can do it again.

Thank you Mrs. Brady for organising the reading breakfast- we loved it!

Parent: After such a long time not being able to watch our children perform in school plays or go into school to meet with the teacher and see our children’s work and progress on parent’s evening- it was a breath of fair being able to come back into the school and listen to the children read and to see all the happy faces. It was heart warming. I had a lovely half an hour with my child and the delicious food. Also seeing all their hard work they have done on the walls was amazing. Well done! Thank you for having us.

Parents: Thank you very much for inviting parents to visit your lovely classroom today.  It was fantastic to see all of your wonderful writing and pictures decorating the walls. It looks like you are all learning lots and you should be very proud of your work.
Thank you also for the tasty breakfast snacks. We really enjoyed our visit and hope it isn't too long before we are able to come again. Keep up the great work everybody!

21 March
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Sponsored Sport's Event

Pumpkin Class met Martin Norris who is an England Wheelchair Rugby League player. They enjoyed hearing about his life and achievements in a special assembly and then they completed a circuit of exercises.

J- He has inspired me to set goals and see what I can achieve.

L- I enjoyed all the exercises, they got my heart beating fast.

M- I enjoyed watching Martin's video. I think he is a very good rugby player.

18 March
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Red Nose Day 2022

Pumpkin Class enjoyed choosing different things to wear for Red Nose Day. There were lots of funny red noses, lovely own clothes and amazing super hero outfits. Well done everyone for taking part for Comic Relief.

16 March
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Helping Ukraine

Pumpkin Class have kindly come together to help the people of Ukraine by donating gifts of food and toiletries.

E- I brought some tins of beans and soup to help people.
K- We are wearing yellow and blue because they are the colours on the Ukrainian flag.
H- I brought Calpol to help any poorly children.
W- I think war is bad. I feel sorry for the people in Ukraine.
M- Helping people is very important to me.

14 March
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

British Science Week 2022: The Theme of ‘Growth’

This term Pumpkin Class have been learning all about growth from a baby to an adult. They have explored different kinds of animals as well as humans. To begin Science Week, they investigated the heights of their friends.

C- I predicted that J would be the tallest and M would be the shortest in the whole class.

W- It was fun to use our new height chart and get good at measuring in centimetres.

D- I enjoyed our group's work. We had to find out who was the tallest on our table and who was the shortest and then put everyone's measurements in order. It was a challenge, but we did it!

H- I was surprised at how similar our numbers were.

L- I'm going to keep measuring myself to see if I can grow even taller by the summer.

3 March
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

KS1 Singing Festival

Pumpkin Class enjoyed taking part in the singing festival at Grimsby Auditorium with hundreds of children from other schools. They sang some great feel good songs.

J- I liked listening to the band. They jazzed up our songs.

E- I liked singing and my favourite song was 'Good to Be Me.'

W- I put in a lot of effort today and now I am very tired! J- I sang at the front, in a small group. It was like a choir.

M- I was excited to be singing in a small group at the front.

- The lights were shining on me when I was singing 'A Million Dreams.' I loved it!

L- One of our songs was all about Fairtrade food. Fairtrade is all about farmers being paid properly for the food that they grow.

D- I really liked the song 'Plastic Soup' because it was all about the sea having too much plastic in it.

K- I couldn't believe how many children were all singing today. It was amazing.

E- I think my mum and dad enjoyed the concert.

H- The audience was massive. I liked it when they all joined in with the actions.

Mrs. Brady- Well done to everyone. You all sang so well and your behaviour and concentration throughout the whole day was excellent!

3 March
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

World Book Day

E- I have been getting excited about World Book Day because I love to dress up.

C- I have been reading Fantastic Mr. Fox and have been enjoying it, so I have come dressed up as Mr. Fox.

K- Mrs. Brady showed us the different books you can buy with your World Book Day token, I think I will get a funny book.

H- The World Book Day song we watched was interesting because it mentioned loads and loads of books and I have read some of them too.

D- We have found out about an author called Simion Farnaby today. We watched him talking about his books and we wrote down the interesting things he said.

W- Simon Farnaby has written a story about a guinea pig who had a magic spell put on him and then he could suddenly talk.

M- We imagined what it would be like if animals could talk to us.

L- I liked drawing pictures of animals that were also a bit human.

E- Mrs. Brady was Little Red Riding Hood and she was scared that there was a wolf outside. She didn't go to Granny's house in the end, so we had to eat all the cakes!

1 March
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Pumpkin Class Love History!

The children all enjoyed a very special History lesson which was led by one of the children in the class. Our History expert had done some wonderful research all about Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole and prepared a very interesting powerpoint. The children and Mrs. Brady thought his lesson was wonderful!

A- I thought his lesson was really good, it was very interesting.

H- I think W had done a lot of work for the lesson and I think he knew a lot about Florence Nightingale.

C- I was impressed that W had made his own powerpoint.

J- It was amazing! I found out that Mary Seacole also went to the Crimean War to help the soldiers.

Mrs. Brady- This was a wonderful lesson. W had worked so hard to prepare so many interesting photographs, facts and maps. I was really interested to learn about the connection between Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. W did a brilliant job and he led the lesson so professionally too!

Download the PowerPoint Presentation

1 March
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Food Technology

Pumpkin Class have been learning how to make coleslaw, reading different recipes and taste testing some shop bought ones- with mixed reviews! They have been discussing their own recipe ideas for making a healthy coleslaw and thinking about the different equipment and techniques they will need.

A- I sniffed them all, I could smell a lot of onion.

J- The best coleslaw was a lighter colour, I think this is because it had more cream in it.

L- I really didn't enjoy tasting the coleslaw. I thought they all tasted horrible. I think this is because I don't like onions.

E- I would put yoghurt in my coleslaw because it's better for you than cream.

C- I think adding lemon juice, would give it a better taste.

K- I would like to make a rainbow coloured coleslaw.

O- I would like to use a grater and a peeler. I think it might be tricky, but I would like to do it.

H- I want to add lots of fruit to my coleslaw.

E- The crunchy coleslaw was nice to eat. I enjoyed that.

H- Before the lesson, I really thought that I didn't like coleslaw, but now I do. I've surprised myself!

25 February
Posted by:
Miss Perrin

Craft Club - Making 'God's Eyes'

A God's eye (in Spanish, Ojo de Dios) is an object made by weaving a design out of yarn upon a wooden cross. We had a go at making them ourselves. It was tricky at first but once they got the hang of it they were really quick at it!

25 February
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child- UNCRC

Pumpkin Class have been learning all about this special promise that most countries have made to look after the rights of all children.

W- The UNCRC is there to make sure that all children are treated fairly

P- All children have the right to eat healthy food and to drink clean water.

D- The UNCRC tell us that all children have the right to feel safe.

H- All children have the right to go to school. This is called getting an education.

C- I think it is good that the UNCRC are making sure that all the children in the world can have a say. People should listen to children.

M- Everyone is the world has rights. It is important to treat everyone the same.

2 February
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Safer Internet Day

"All fun & Games? Exploring respect and relationships online"

Pumpkin Class have been learning all about keeping themselves safe online.

They discussed lots of scenarios about how to keep themselves safe and what to do if something worries them when they go online.

M- We watched an assembly and it was all about treating people nicely online. Some people send horrible messages and I think that can hurt some people's feelings.

L- I wouldn't want to play a game if people were saying horrible things to me. I would tell my mum and switch it off.

A- You should treat people how you want to be treated.

A- Send polite messages, not nasty ones.

E- We listened to a story about Smartie the Penguin and we helped him decide what to do when he saw a scary picture or when there was an advert that popped up on his tablet. I thought it might have been a scam.

R- We sang a little song to remind us to ask a grown-up for help if we feel worried or upset online.

P- We've been making internet safety posters to help people, so they know what to do to keep safe when they are on the internet.

2 February
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Behaviour Discussion

Pumpkin Class discussed good and bad behaviour choices and they reflected on their own behaviour in school. They worked co-operatively to discuss scenarios and sorted the pictures into 'Acceptable Behaviour' and 'Unacceptable Behaviour.'

L- I always sit nicely in lessons and I always like to listen carefully.

C- I think it is important to share the equipment with everyone. I don't like it when people snatch things.

H- Talking in lessons can be good if it's about our work. It's rude to talk when Mrs. Brady is speaking to the class.

D- Pushing isn't good because someone could get hurt.

A- I am always polite and I say 'please' and 'thank you.'

P- I always have kind hands. I care about my friends.

J- I love to be a Behaviour Ambassador and help my friends make the right choices.

H- Our class motto is 'We Get On.' We try to be friends and get on well together.

1 February
Posted by:
Miss Perrin

Craft Club

The children had lots of fun making friendship bracelets. They used a cardboard wheel to weave the threads, it was quite tricky but they got the hang of it.

It was a great time for them to relax and socialise with each other whilst making something lovely.

28 January
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Finger Puppets

Pumpkin Class have been enjoying designing and making paper and cardboard animal finger puppets.

A- I have made all my favourite animals.

R- I did a texture by crayoning on top of my chair to make a bumpy animal skin.

J - I think I have got better at drawing animals.

D- I made sure I chose the right colours for my animals. I wanted them to look real.

21 January
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Penguin Poetry

Pumpkin Class are really enjoying learning all about penguins. Today they wrote a penguin acrostic poem together. Here they are performing it. Well done everyone.

6 January
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Penguin Hook Day

Pumpkin Class enjoyed a very exciting day learning all about penguins. It was a great start to the new term and everyone had lots of fun!

C- I enjoyed making lots of penguins with different craft ideas.

P- I made a playdough penguin and then I made him a giant iceberg.

H- I was good at measuring penguins with my ruler.

O- I really loved dressing up as a penguin.

M- I loved making my cardboard penguin.

H- I made a paper penguin. I had to figure out where all the different parts went.

A- I have found out that there are lots of different kinds of penguins in the world. The biggest ones as Emperor and King penguins.

M- I found out that smaller penguins can have two eggs, but bigger penguins only have one.

E- We visited London Zoo to look at their penguins online. I liked the way they waddled and dived into the pool.

E- I enjoyed painting and drawing penguins.

W- I knew all the parts of the penguin's body.

J- We played penguin games.

P- I loved the penguin song and dance.

15 December
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Party Fun!

The children had a great time at their Christmas party. They enjoyed party games, disco dancing and of course some delicious party food!

A- I loved playing pass the parcel.

L- I was very good at musical bumps.

C- I liked musical statues, but it was hard to stay still.

O- The food was really good. I ate everything!

M- I liked all the dancing.

15 December
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Santa Day

The Pumpkins have had a great time learning all about St. Nicholas, finding out facts about him, singing Santa songs and making lots of different craft items.

E- I liked doing all the craft things.

E- I liked making a Santa mask.

C- It was fun to dress up in Christmas clothes.

J- I really liked seeing Santa today. It was a big surprise.

W- I liked learning the history of Santa. I didn't realise he had so many different names.

L- I had lots of fun today.

10 December
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Christmas at Cloverdale

Pumpkin and Poppy Classes visited Cloverdale Care Home and sang Christmas songs to the residents outside. Despite the cold weather, everyone enjoyed singing the songs and bringing a smile to the residents faces. The children wished everyone at Cloverdale ‘Merry Christmas’ and presented them with some lovely craft gifts.

10 December
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Christmas Cheer

Pumpkin Class enjoyed wearing their Christmas jumpers and festive outfits today and helped to raise money for Save the Children UK.

We hope you enjoy their lovely singing!

10 December
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Why is the Christmas story good news for Christians?

Pumpkin Class have been learning all about the First Christmas. They enjoyed drawing nativity scenes, acting out the story and learning a special poem.

D- Mary was told she would have God's baby. It was special news from Angel Gabriel.

J- I think the shepherds were scared at first of the angels, but they got good news about Jesus being born and wanted to go and see him.

L- The Wise Men believed that Jesus was a special kind. They were so excited to see him because they travelled a long way.

C- Christians believe Jesus is the Son of God. Christmas is when people celebrate his birthday.

24 November
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Christmas Enterprise

The children have been busy making their items to sell.

They have each made 1 candy cane decoration, 1 pumpkin keyring and 1 pumpkin selfie calendar.

Parents/carers if you would like to buy your child's items, they will be for sale soon on Scopay. Candy Cane £3, Keyring 50p and Calendar £1.

19 November
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

BBC Children in Need

Pumpkin Class have had a busy day learning all about this worthwhile charity, exercising with Joe Wickes and enjoying some great outdoor fun. Thank you very much for all your kind donations.

19 November
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

RE: Interfaith Week

Pumpkin Class enjoyed exploring and handling a wide range of special religious items from different religions for Interfaith week. They remembered some of the names of the special items and could explain how they might be used by different religions during worship, prayer and celebrations.

D- I tried on a Kippah. Jewish boys wear them when they go to the synagogue.

E- I read the Qur'an. It's from the Muslim religion. You have to have washed your hands before you can touch it.

F- I liked the Hindu Gods. I loved their bright colours.

H- Lots of religions have candles for celebrations. I've seen some different ones today.

J- I saw lots of crosses. That's because Jesus died on a cross.

E- The Advent calendar had a picture of Baby Jesus when he was born in a stable. I think it will be Advent soon.

K- I couldn't believe how long the Torah was. It was on a long scroll.

L- I've enjoyed seeing all these things. I liked picking them up.

18 November
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Internet Safety

Pumpkin Class watched a story called ‘Buddy the Dog’s Internet Safety Story.’ They all sang a song: ‘Use Your Tablet Safely.’ They helped the boy called Ben in the story make the right choices when he was using his tablet online.

H- Ben should not click on adverts and download new games without asking his mum first.

L- If you accidently click on something you are not sure about, you should tell a grown-up.

J- Ben got a message from a stranger. I don’t think he should talk to them. He should tell a grown-up.

C- Never talk to strangers outside or online. You don’t know them.

O- If you see something scary or something horrible. Tell a grown-up straight away.

P- If you are not sure about something on the internet and you are worried, tell your parents or a teacher.

R- Ben needed to know that not all games on the internet are suitable for children.

Hear our "Use Your Tablet Safely" song

18 November
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Road Safety Week

This week Pumpkin Class have been learning all about road safety.

M- We had a special assembly with a police lady. We asked her questions and she told us how to cross the road safely.

E- We listened to road safety stories and watched videos. We talked about how people should cross the road.

H- You need to stop, look, listen and think.

C- I put all my instructions in the right order. I know how to keep myself safe.

E- I always hold my mum or dad’s hand when I am near busy roads.

J- Keep looking and listening when you cross the road.

16 November
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Budding Futures: Tackling Gender Stereotypes

The Pumpkins were asked to draw a picture of a builder and then a picture of a florist. There were lots of male builders and female florists drawn. The children then watched a video, where they saw both men and women doing a wide variety of jobs.

E- I saw that ladies can be builders, as well as men.

K- Men and women can all build things.

H- I didn’t realise a man could be a florist and work in a flower shop.

H- The man’s flower arrangements were really good. I thought they were beautiful.

E- Anyone can work with flowers and plants, like gardeners. They can be boys and girls.

C- We have teachers who are men and women.

W- If you have the skills and you work hard, you can be anything you want to be.

15 November
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Anti-Bullying Week

W- We all wore odd socks today to tell everyone that it's OK to be different.

E- Anti-Bullying week is important because it helps to stop people getting hurt and tells them what to do if they are being bullied.

P- Bullying isn't nice. It is bullying when someone is being unkind on purpose and doing it lots of times.

E- You should tell a trusted adult if someone is being horrible to you. I would tell my mum or Mrs. Brady.

D- We decided to write kind messages to each other. Being kind is much better than upsetting people.

L- I smiled when I got a kindness letter.

11 November
Posted by:
Mrs Brady


Year 2 have been learning all about why we wear poppies and what happens of Remembrance Day.

L- When I wear my poppy, I think about soldiers who died in wars.

C- Poppies grew after WWI on the battlefields in France. The red colour also reminds us of all the blood that was shed.

D- We give money to The Royal British Legion to buy poppy things and to help injured soldiers and service people.

J- Mrs Brady told us about someone in her family who was killed in WWI. She was thinking about him during the two minutes silence.

10 November
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Amazing Archery

Pumpkin Class had great fun learning how to do archery.

E- I had never held a bow and arrow before.
K- It was hard, I kept dropping my arrow, but I kept trying.
J- My arrow hit the target, but then it fell off.
E- I got better after a few goes.
W- It was a good activity for us, because we have been learning about castles and we found out that King Harold got shot by a bow and arrow in his eye during the Battle of Hastings!

1 November
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Story Telling

Year 2 invited all the Year 1 children to special story telling session.

They told the story of 'The Adventures of Egg Box Dragon' by Richard Adams. They showed them their drawings, read their writing out loud, used their story maps to tell the story in their own words and even acted out the story with great character voices. The children were proud to show their wonderful writing on display too and were able to teach the Year 1 children lots of wonderful vocabulary and exciting story words.

H- I liked drawing the dragon. I didn't know this story before, but now I can write some words about him.
E- I enjoyed listening to the Year 2 children reading.
L- I liked it when I told my story and when I acted it out. It was fun.
Mrs. Wink (School Governor)- It was great to see such enthusiasm from everyone.
L- I can use the special words on the wall now.
W- I felt like I was a teacher.

1 November
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Bonfire and Firework Safety assembly with Humberside Fire and Rescue Service.

Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2 children had a very special assembly today to learn all about keeping themselves and others safe on Bonfire Night.

J- My mum puts a carrot on the end of my sparkler to stop me burning myself.
D- Children must never touch fireworks. Grown-ups need to be in charge of them.
S- Loud fireworks can scare pets. They should stay inside.
C- Don’t stand too close to fireworks or bonfires, so you don’t get hurt.
E- Don’t throw fireworks- they are very dangerous.
W- If a spark lands on your clothes, you must stop, drop and roll. Don’t roll back into where the fire is.

22 October
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Black History Month

The children in Pumpkin Class have been finding out all about the life of American artist Alma Thomas.

They discovered that during her life she had been treated very unfairly because of the colour of her skin.

The children enjoyed exploring her art work and found her colourful pictures inspiring and so they decided to create some of their own.

21 October
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Halloween Event

The children enjoyed a range of exciting craft activities, spooky fun and delicious food at our recent Halloween Event after school.

C- I enjoyed making all the different things. I liked making pumpkins and ghosts.
L- I made a paper bat with Mrs. Hill. It was tricky, but a lot of fun.
E- I made a haunted house and a Happy Halloween card.
M- The hotdogs were yummy and I also liked decorating my biscuit.
H- It was good fun to dress up. I danced to scary music too.
P- Mrs. Brady showed me how to make a spooky spoon ghost.
W- I enjoyed myself and would like to do it again next year.

18 October
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Reading Collaboration

H- I like reading with Year 6 children. I have made a new friend.
C- Year 6 children help me with the words I don’t know.
P- My friend in Year 6 is very friendly and I like reading with her.
E- We get to look at different books. It’s fun.

15 October
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Wow Day Sports

Pumpkin Class learnt how to play tag rugby with Mr. Darby from Premier Sports. They listened carefully, learnt all the rules and played very well. There was a great atmosphere and lots of team spirit!

E- I enjoyed learning tag rugby. I had never played it before.
O- I liked it when people threw the rugby ball to me.
L- I have learnt to dodge and catch.
J- I was a fast runner, people couldn't catch me.
E- I thought it was fun. I want to play it again.

11 October
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

World Mental Health Day

Pumpkin Class have been discussing how important it is that we look after both our physical and mental health. Here are some of the posters that they made. H- Mental health is important and so is drinking water, eating fruit and going to bed on time. Look after yourself- don't be sad, sad is bad.

K- We can help each other.
L- Don't Worry Be Happy. I love that song, it cheers people up if they are feeing sad.
D- Let's help each other, so we can all feel better.
C- If you see someone sad, do not judge them. You ask them why they are sad.
J- It's OK to not feel OK. We all have good days and bad days. We can look after each other.
E- If you feel worried or sad you could talk to a teacher, a friend or someone at home.
P- You could talk to your doctor if you feel sad and poorly.
W- I think talking to people and telling them how you feel really helps.

6 October
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Celebrating The Harvest

Pumpkin Class enjoyed celebrating the Harvest. Many thanks for all the kind donations of food for Harbour Place.

P- We sang Harvest songs which were all about food from around the world.
E- I liked singing 'It's Harvest Time.'
C- We are sending the food to help homeless people. It's good to share our food and help people.
L- We all watched a special assembly about saying thank you for all the food we eat.
H- I liked the Harvest table. I brought some tins to help people.

4 October
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

We love Purple Mash!

The Pumpkins really enjoy using the Purple Mash program at both home and at school. They log on independently and like to explore the different tools, games and information.

L- I watch History videos. Purple Mash helps me learn new things about long ago.
C- I like colouring pictures with the different textured paints. I drew a castle with crayons that looked like real bricks.
D- I use Purple Mash to type my own stories.
E- I have tried lots of activities on Purple Mash at home and at school.
J- I play spaceship number games to improve my adding.
H- I have been learning about halves and quarters by playing a pizza game.
W- I have researched facts about the Romans. I am very interested in them.

20 September
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Can I partition numbers?

The children have been exploring ways to represent numbers by splitting them up into tens and ones.

R- I like drawing part-whole models with chalk.
L- We used Base 10 equipment. It is sticks of 10 and small cubes called ones.
J- I like to challenge myself to partition big numbers.
E- It's fun to do Maths outside.

20 September
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Macmillan Coffee Morning

The Pumpkins enjoyed performing their poetry and dragon song today. They discussed how important it is to support the Macmillan nurses and to raise money for this very worthwhile charity.

E- We have helped people who are poorly with cancer.
W- Mrs. Brady told us about her uncle who was helped by some special Macmillan nurses. They got a him a special bed which helped him to be more comfy and have a rest when he was poorly.
L- The cakes and juice were very nice.
H- I liked saying the poems and doing the actions.
C- I love to sing the dragon song. It's a lot of fun.

21 September
Posted by:
Mrs Marsden

Y2 and Y6 Reading Collaboration

On Friday, Barley and Pumpkin classes had a wonderful time sharing their stories during reading collaboration.

F - I really liked reading my book with the Y6s because it had nice pictures in it.
E - It was fun to sit with another class and listen to them reading to me.
K - The Pumpkin Class reading corner is so cosy! I enjoyed helping the younger children sound of the words in their stories.

20 September
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Stanford Salutations

Every morning the children choose how they would like to greet Mrs. Brady at the door when they arrive. This has been a lovely start to each day and has made Mrs. Brady and the children smile.

17 September
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Feel Good Friday!

The Pumpkin’s have had a great week and everyone has worked very hard. To end such an amazing week, they enjoyed lots of lovely activities outside in the sunshine. Well done everyone!

16 September
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Look at our wonderful castles!

The children have worked very hard to make their castles, using recycled materials.

W- I think they are all really good.
E- I have been playing with my castle at home.
D- The cutting out was very hard, but it was worth it and I am pleased with my castle.
H- I enjoyed making my castle.

8 September
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Castle Hook Day

The Pumpkins have been very busy learning all about different kinds of castles. They have made a great start making their own castles out of recycled materials.

J- I have enjoyed painting my castle.
H- I thought it would be hard to make a castle, but then I found it all worked out really well.
W- I have found out that there are different kinds of castles and it’s very interesting.
H- I worked out how to cut windows and a door that opens like a drawbridge.
R- I am going to add bricks and a flag tomorrow.
L- I liked listening to a story about a castle today.

6 September
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

First Day of the New Term

The Pumpkins have all settled well into Year 2 today.

C- I like having my own pencil case in Year 2.
W- I have enjoyed learning about castles today.
A- Mrs. Brady really liked my drawing of a dragon.
E- I think we have a great classroom and it’s lots of fun!
L- I like all the space in my new classroom. It’s so nice!
P- I love having the same teacher again!
E- Maths was good today, we did a test. I like Maths.

23 July
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Well done to our winner in the end of term positive behaviour raffle!

23 July
Posted by:
Mrs Brady

Transition Week

The new Pumpkin Class have settled in well into their new classroom and have enjoyed exploring lots of different activities.